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Free (Virtual) 

Lifestyle Parties

Hi there, I want to invite you and your friends to my Zoom party!


How it works?


Fancy hanging out with your friends, doing something a bit different & fun whilst doing something that is really good for you? (you don’t even need to leave the house, you can even stay in your PJ’s.) Come and join in the party!


As the host you will be entitled to a free gift. I will also be doing giveaways for your friends. All you need to do is:


  1. Email me with your name and number

  2. We’ll set up a quick call to agree times and dates

  3. I’ll set up a Facebook Event

  4. We’ll invite your friends

  5. I’ll send you all a pre-questionnaire so I can tailor the party to our individual needs

  6. We’ll gather on Zoom


What's a Lifestyle Party?


Come and learn how you can flourish. In my coaching and at Arbonne I teach a holistic approach to health and wellbeing from the inside out, focusing on the mind/body/skin connection. I will teach you more about how you can look and feel your best! AND I will be doing a quiz and (did I mention) some fun giveaways! Bring your favourite tipple or tea, grab some nibbles and get comfy.


I’ll hope to see you on Zoom soon!


Helene xx