• Helene Palmer

What is Holding You Back in Your Career? (Part Two)

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

I want to explore the common themes that hold us back in our careers. In this series of three articles, I will share with you some of the most common scenarios I have witnessed over the years, in order to help you address some of the things holding you back.

Celebrate ‘Failure’

Yes, you heard me right. Celebrate failure!

I have ‘failed’ so many times that I have lost count. But, my most influential lessons and greatest successes have arisen from some of the worst situations.

Do you really think Edison lit up a bulb first time?

Pay attention to failure’s teachings and move on, a little bit wiser and even more determined to find fulfilment.

All work and no play...

Looking at your life now, how well balanced is it between your work and home life? Be honest please.

Sadly, many of us still believe that success is determined by the countless hours we spend working, day AND night. The only certainty in that approach is that you WILL burn out and you will NOT find fulfilment.

Without a doubt true success comes from work BUT, that hard work should always bring us joy.

Be proactive, shape the world, don’t let it shape you!

Your actions should light you up. Remember, in part one we discussed doing what you love? If your work is your passion then all your actions will be in alignment, and therefore success becomes inevitable.

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I am passionate about helping ambitious women, who lack fulfilment in their work and don’t know what their purpose is, to gain confidence and transform their limiting beliefs, to create a career that they love.

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