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Releasing Overwhelm (with Freebie)

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Feeling overwhelmed can be all consuming. 

Having a demanding job, struggling to manage your workload and being unhappy at work can all leave you feeling overwhelmed.

The experience of this feeling is uncomfortable and the causes and effects can span across your personal and professional life.

Feeling overwhelmed can be negative emotions, anger, fear, anxiety, or guilt. It is often difficult to understand and verbalise the exact source of the stress.

No matter the reason, if you feel the onset of overwhelm, there are some ways to help address the emotions both on your own and by leveraging outside support.

The good news is that you can feel better.

You know deep down that you want to enjoy your work, feel in control and create a career you love. To feel like you’ve really made a difference with your work. You want to feel like you are someone that people look up to...that others value what you say.

So here are my words of wisdom for you right now - start looking INWARDS.

1. Take a breath and acknowledge how you feel

2. Let it all out! Grab a pen and some paper (or your laptop) and jot down everything you have going on. All the things swirling round in your head. All those tasks and projects you have going on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

3. Take a step back - It is time to get organised and untangle everything in your head. What projects do you have going on? What are the actions that you need to take to complete them? Now prioritise them in order or importance and deadlines. 

Recognise that your thoughts are creating your current reality. It’s these thoughts you need to change.

Change these thoughts, release overwhelm and change your approach to your work.


Thank you for reading. You can claim your FREE Guide to Releasing Overwhelm here.

I am passionate about helping ambitious women, who lack fulfilment in their work and don’t know what their purpose is, to gain confidence and transform their limiting beliefs, to create a career that they love. 

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