• Helene Palmer

Creating a Career You Love: Recognising when your work isn’t working for you (Part Two)

Having a happy, successful and fulfilling career is closer than you may think. We all have the power within us to grow and transform. Sometimes you just need a little help.

With about one-third or 30 percent of your life spent working, it is so important for us to be fulfilled in what we do.

Are you?

I have been there and I know how being unhappy in your work can affect every aspect of your life. It was only when I accepted just how unfulfilled I was that I set about making a change and asking for help. I couldn’t be where I am without my coach, reflexologist and reiki healer.

For years I didn’t ask for help. I am so strong minded that I was adamant I could do everything by myself. How wrong I was.

It is so important to learn to tap into your own wisdom and connect with what really matters to you in your career. Finding that clarity on your strengths, weaknesses and values is essential for creating success and happiness.

The thing I found was that as soon as I had help things happened so much faster. Being challenged by someone and having someone stretch me was incredibly beneficial.

Facing your fears alone is tough and can seem impossible. We often need someone else to get us out of our comfort zone and help us to be brave and bold.

A feeling of accountability is essential. When trying to make changes all by yourself it is far too easy to make excuses for yourself.

  • “I don’t have time to...write my CV/search for jobs/apply for jobs.”

  • “Maybe my job isn’t so bad. At least I know everyone and what I am doing.”

  • “Most people I know don’t love their jobs so maybe it’s normal to feel this way.”

Sound familiar?

You can break free from those self-sabotaging habits.

You don’t have to tolerate a job that leaves you feeling unfulfilled.

One of the big things my coach taught me is to learn to say NO. It can be hard at first but soon you realise how much that tiny word can change things.

Say no to long hours.

Say no to putting up with colleagues who don’t respect you.

Say no to work that doesn’t fill you with joy. Focus on the things you love and ditch the things you loathe!

Take back control by focusing on what is in your control and let go of the rest. My coach helped me to express my uniqueness and all the amazing things I have to offer.

It is time to choose you. Break free from those draining and toxic relationships at work. Let go of your limiting beliefs.

It is time to rediscover what is important to you and become aligned with your true purpose.

It is time to create a career that you love.

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