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Create A Mindset for Career Success – What are mindsets?

Career success may mean something different to each of us; however one thing that is a commonality is that in order to reach the success we desire we must have the right mindset.

So, what does that mean in day to day life?

Mindsets aren’t just any beliefs. They enable us to frame situations. They become habitual and most importantly they define who we are, and who we can become.

If we have a fixed mindset that our ability is innate then a failure can be unsettling because it makes us doubt how good we are. People with a fixed mindset are often out to prove themselves. They can get very defensive when someone suggests they made a mistake and they measure themselves by their failures.

In contrast, if we have a growth mindset then we expect that we can improve our ability. We understand that a failure shows us what we need to work on and is not the end of the world. People with a growth mindset often show perseverance and resilience when they’ve committed errors. They become more motivated to work harder.

Which mindset do you feel that you have in your career right now? Be honest.

The good news is that we can change our mindset.

Before I was diagnosed with Bipolar I worked incredibly hard on my mindset, and I did that with great success, despite my illness. Once I had been diagnosed and put on medication everything in my life shifted for the better. In a nutshell, the illness was a chemical imbalance which had been holding me back but the medication broke that block. Because I had worked so hard (and it was A LOT of hard work) once my illness was under control I had the growth mindset that enabled me to succeed in whatever I put my mind to.

I can’t emphasise how much I believe mindset work is fundamental for success, with your career and every other aspect of your life. And, if I could do it with a mental illness I believe with all my heart that anyone can.

Mindsets are powerful. Shifting them can be hard work, sometimes sudden and always amazingly transformative.

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