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Are You Living From Your Heart? Part Two

Manifestation is AWESOME. It is wonderful.

Figuring out what you want is one thing. Most of us will then strategise on how to make that happen. Here we see the mind at work. Standard.

Perhaps we then settle into the feeling as if it has happened. We start to “manifest our dreams”. Right?

There is a huge difference between "going out there and making it happen” to, allowing miracles to happen.

We can not expect that we can just hand over our wishes to The Universe and ta da the work is done. The Universe is not your errand boy!

Often what we think and say we want is based on the core belief that we do not have enough already. So, while you are sitting back asking for things, The Universe is actually clocking onto you feeling that you do not have enough.

If you are wanting this, that, and everything in between all the time, then what you are really saying is that “I am not enough.” Does that make sense?

I spoke to a friend the other day and we discussed her buying a house, being single, wanting a baby and not being satisfied in her job. She asked me where she should start to bring about change. My answer to her was simple: You start with yourself.

We should always start with ourselves. We should be looking inwards rather than outside ourselves.

IF we look internally then all the external stuff WILL fall into place. Whether it be your home, your relationships, your career; it all comes down to feeling enriched just as you are.

To be in a state of complete being (to be completely satisfied with who you are and your life without any external agenda) then you WILL manifest, and your needs WILL be met.

If you believe you are enough and have everything then The Universe is going to say “Hey, give her everything!” BOOM.

Don’t miss things NOW because you are looking for things in the future, that are based on shit that happened in your past. Your past is in your mind and if you get stuck there you will miss everything in the present. The present is inside you, in your heart, shouting out to you “I AM HERE.”

If you miss the present you miss the wonderful things that are right in front of you, and awesome stuff that the future may bring.

The Universe is programmed so that everything that can make you happy is either here or on its way.

How cool is that!

When we are loving, we are open to the flow of The Universe.

In my previous article I spoke of my recent experience about coming back to my heart centre. I had got stuck in my mind and fallen out of alignment. Subsequently, since returning to loving thought, I have realigned and am back in flow. Hurrah.

I feel fulfilled. I am accomplishing more than I was previously but without the overwhelm. It’s friggin’ awesome.

I start each day with a prayer I learnt from The Course in Miracles:

Where would you have me go?
What would you have me do?
What would you have me say, and to whom?

Starting my day this way (and with stretching, coffee and gratitude) has made my day brighter, no matter what the weather (Oh hello, UK winter!).

Tell me, how are you feeling right now?

Are you in alignment?

Do you feel good?

Ultimately, it is all about finding what feels good, right?

Are you living your life from the heart, and a place of love, or from a place based on the outside world?

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