Work With Me: Fertility Coaching

Why Fertility Coaching?  

Having a happy, successful and fulfilling life with, or without children, is closer than you may think. We all have the power within us to grow and transform.  We are all limitless!


​Sometimes it takes a little bit of help to get us on the right path, and this is where coaching comes in.


Throughout my fertility journey there have been people trying to sell me various lotions, potions and approaches to help get me pregnant. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do believe that there​ are​ a lot of things we can do to improve our chances BUT that those things should come as one part of the message we/society puts out.

The ultimate message that should be put out there is that “You can live an amazing, fulfilled life with or without children”.


If you have been through it then you will know that the pain is unbearable and all consuming, whatever your circumstances.

The current message of “this/that will improve your chances by xx%” is wrong IF it is the only message being put out there.


Mindset is everything. It is how I have turned heartbreak into an unshakeable belief that my life is, and will continue to be, happy and fulfilling. Accepting that has been life-changing.

My hope is that society's message will change but in the meantime I want to help people like me find meaning and fulfilment, with or without children. 


I believe with all my heart that we hold the key to our own happiness, not anyone or anything else - it’s within you, YOU have that power. 


  • Has your fertility journey taken over your day to day life?

  • Do you feel like a failure?

  • Are feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed?

  • Do you see more of medical/holistic therapists than you do of friends and family?

  • Do you dread seeing friends and family and having to discuss your fertility/their children?

  • Has your vocabulary been taken over by medical acronyms?

  • Do you measure time by your monthly/IVF cycle?

  • Do you feel zapped of energy?

  • Are you stuck in  negative thoughts?

  • Are you drowning in procrastination? 

  • Have you lost your sparkle?

  • Do you feel your life will only be fulfilled with children?

  • Do you question whether you are good enough?

  • Do you constantly compare yourself to others?


Are you spending sleepless nights worrying about these kinds of things?

If the answer is yes then I can help you to find happiness. 


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

How can I support you

We will have an initial conversation, free of charge. We will then work together to set clear goals that will set you on your path to happiness and fulfilment.


I can support you:

  1. To accept that you can lead a meaningful and fulfilling life with or without children

  2. To work through your emotions, including the grief you have felt

  3. To put together a Plan B that lights you up as much as the thought of having children does


Together we will:

  • Focus on the things you love and ditch the things you loathe

  • Find what is most important to you

  • Get clarity on your purpose

  • Take back control by focusing on what is in your control, and letting go of the rest

  • Identify your personal values and discover what really motivates you

  • Break free of limiting beliefs and self-judgements

  • Identify new success habits

  • Gain confidence

  • Rediscover buried hopes and dreams

  • Discover new hopes and dreams

  • Break free from draining and toxic relationships 

  • Find supportive and energising relationships

  • Identify and focus on your priorities

  • Become aligned to your true purpose

  • Connect to your inner wisdom

  • Feel empowered 

  • Grow and shine

  • Be Limitless!


Wherever you are in your fertility journey or in the world I want to help you to thrive and find happiness.