Hi, I'm Helene

I am a wife, dog mum, stretching enthusiast, coach, vegan, mental health survivor and IVF warrior.

I have over twenty years’ experience teaching, training and coaching. I am a Qualified Teacher, HR professional, and a certified Coach and NLP Practitioner.

Burn Out, Self-Image and Mental Health


I have worked all the hours in the day (and night) but remained dissatisfied in my job. Impostor syndrome crept in when I began to succeed.  Self-doubt used to haunt me constantly. I was burnt out.  To make matters worse I struggled with my weight for years, and I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. I spent years going down different paths and rabbit holes. Fear held me back too many times to mention. I didn't believe that I was worthy of success. I didn’t believe in myself.

I was in my mid-twenties when I finally made it to university, graduating with first class honours. It took me until my thirties to start “a proper career” then at the age of 33 I was diagnosed with Bipolar II.   I have worked incredibly hard on my mental health recovery and my mindset. I have spent years on self-development and personal growth to transform my fears and build my confidence.

Different Life Paths

At the age of 40 my husband and I were unable to conceive. Heartbreak became a monthly occurrence. Nothing prepares you for your fertility journey. I then realised that trying to have a baby had become my whole life and I had lost myself in all the blogs, forums, pills, potions and medical advice. I took time out and worked further on my mindset using the tools I had acquired over the years. Not only did I find myself again but I realised (and accepted) that I could lead a meaningful and fulfilling life with or, without children.

Healthy Living, Inside Out

When a friend introduced me to Arbonne I I fell head over heels in love. I had found amazing products (Mind, Body & Skin)  that puts people and the planet first whilst bringing together a wonderful community of like-minded men and women. Plus, it’s cruelty free and 100% vegan. At the same time, I hired a nutrition coach and a personal trainer. Bit by bit I not only started accepting my body but I fell in love with myself for the first time ever. I developed healthier lifestyle choices that led to me feeling amazing and looking great.

Successful Living

I have never felt more successful.  I am supported and in flow. It feels wonderful. I feel limitless. I am here to help make things simple for you and to get you to where you want to be. I will listen, empower and guide you to reach your full potential. If that sounds good to you then you are in the right place.

All this is possible. It’s time to believe in yourself.

Helene xx